Thursday 21 May 2020

Pretty orange mermaid with Blonde hair cross stitch design

Number Name: Comments Length / yd. Stitches
ANC 868 Flesh md Skin main colour 15.5 788
ANC 302 Citrus md lt Darkest hair shade, darker yellow colour on scales 11.76 598
ANC 295 Jonquil md lt Mid hair shade 6.73 342
ANC 324 Apricot md Tail and top main colour 20.2 1027
ANC 330 Melon dk Outlines 25.63 1303
ANC 2 White White of eye and teeth 0.26 13
ANC 292 Jonquil vy lt Lightest hair shade and lightest shade on scales 4.05 206
ANC 337 Terra Cotta md lt Shading on skin 4.64 236
ANC 1012 Chicory lt End of tail main colour 10.76 547
ANC 162 Sapphire md dk Light shade in iris 0.18 9
ANC 133 Blue dk Dark shade in iris 0.18 9

Chart is designed with Anchor colours, Suggested thread lengths are based on using two strands of thread on a 14 count aida. If you are using a diferent number of threads or aida size please adjust accordingly.

This design was based on an image found in the public domain here

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I'd share a fun cross stitch design of a pretty orange tailed mermaid, perfect for a fantasy lovers bedroom as a cushion or in a cute frame.
To add a little sparkle why not try replacing one of the yellows in the scales with a metallic gold thread?

I wanted to do a nice fantasy design which did not revolve around pink as you see that a lot on fantasy cross stitch so this made a nice change.
I have a few more ideas for mermaid designs so if you like to stitch fish tailed friends then keep checking back.

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