Tuesday 8 September 2020

Skeleton Cameo Gothic cross stitch design

Skeleton Cameo Gothic cross stitch design

Thread numbers:

Thread colour
Anchor colours
DMC colours
Dark brown
Light brown
Light yellow
Pale Golden brown
Golden brown

Hello everyone,

My favourite season Halloween is fast approaching. I can't wait to get some snacks and watch some horror movies to celebrate the whole month 
So today I thought I'd share a skeleton Cameo, its something you may find in a haunted house where all the family portraits turn into something spooky. I was inspired a little by the haunted mansion at Disneyland Paris. I remember being fascinated as a child by some pictures in the queue line which turn from normal old fashioned portraits to spooky skeletons, ghosts and vampires as you walk past. Im sure I missed a few places in the queue walking backwards and forwards to watch the portraits change. 
I really want to go back to Disneyland one day. I wonder if those portraits are still there? 

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

This design is based on an image in the public domain which can be found here:

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