Sunday 25 March 2012

Using Paint for cross stitch design

Using Paint for cross stitch design

There are several amazing cross stitch design programs available but if you want to give designing a try before investing in a new program this tutorial is for you. I use paint for this purpose because it is free with windows PCs and it was the only program I had for this purpose as a secondary school student.

1. When you open up paint you will see some blue dots on the edge of the white drawing area. You can click and drag these to make your drawing area bigger or smaller. As you do so take a look at the bottom of the screen. You will see the dimensions of the drawing area in pixels. Each pixel = one whole cross stitch so if you have a target size for your design you can easily set it now.

2. In the Zoom options turn on the grid. In Vista this option will be under View> Zoom> Show grid
In windows 7 this option will be in View> Gridlines (tick this checkbox)

3. Zoom in so the grid is a comfortable size for you to work with.
Be aware that in Vista the grid will vanish when your picture is viewed at 100% and in Windows 7 the grid will change scale neither of which is useful to you.

4. Now you can draw. Use the pencil tool to draw on your grid. Like a regular cross stitch pattern each square represents one whole cross stitch.

In paint you cannot easily represent Half stitches, french knots or backstitch. There is a method I used to use but it is far more complicated than using a dedicated cross stitch design program.
This method is good for making small and simple designs and to have a go at drawing your own before investing in a program.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Dr Who logo cross stitch design

Here is a Cross stitch design for the 12th doctors logo.

I am a big, big fan of Doctor Who so when given a challenge of making a large logo I could not resist.
I decided to leave this as a plain blue sketch to make it easier for beginner cross stitchers to make.

This design is 80 x 113 stitches so on 14 or lower stitch count the design will be quite large but possibly a suitable size for a cushion. I am going to be turning this into a small cushion to rest my aching wrists on after a long afternoon of cross stitching.

The logo used in the show and on the BBC website looks metallic and shiny. The easiest way to replicate this in this pattern is to use variegated thread (the thread that changes colour along its length) It is most suited to the blue and white or different shades of blue. This will help simulate the shiny blue of the logo without having to copy a very complicated chart. Alternatively you could leave this as a plain blue colour which still looks really nice and recognisable to fans.

Another cool trick would be to use metallic or a strand of metallic and a strand of glow in the dark thread together for the shape on top which represents the light on top of the Tardis. This will give it a shiny effect and make it stand out.

I am working on other cross stitch designs for Dr who and other favourite Science fiction shows. Pop back if you would like to see some more.

Doctor Who design links:
Classic Doctor Who logo
The Tardis, cushion sized

This is a fan made pattern. I claim no ownership of Dr who or the logo since it belongs to the BBC

Friday 23 March 2012

Cross stitch Football boys

Cross stitch Football boys

An original cross stitch design of two boys playing football together.
The Kit is loosely based off the Arsenal kit but you can easily turn this into another teams kit by changing the colours.You could even adjust the skin tone, hair style and colour and perhaps turn these two into two kids you know.

This design was originally created for (a very late) baby sampler. The boys are twins and love football either watching or playing it.

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