Monday 25 January 2021

Big yellow digger construction vehicle cross stitch design


Cross stitch Design with grid

Thread numbers

Hello everyone,
Today I have a fun yellow digger cross stitch design, this bold design will be fun for construction vehicle mad kids to decorate their rooms or make them a fun squishy cushion. You don't need to stick exactly to these thread numbers if you'd like to include the childs favourite colour as the main vehicle colour. Just be sure to change up the orange highlights to a colour that complements the one you chose. 

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

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Wednesday 20 January 2021

Stabulous - Cross stitch design of a happy cute and murderous unicorn

Stabulous large version 
Size 92 stitches wide x83
Design preview

Stabulous large version design with grid

Stabulous small version
Size: 50 Stitches wide x 40 stitches high

Stabulous design with grid

Thread numbers chart
Thread numbers used on both sizes of the design are the same, please use this chart for both sizes. 

Hello Everyone, 

On one of my favourite cross stitch Facebook groups a great conversation started about this design idea. So I cannot take credit for the Stabulous phrase but I ran with it and created this design. 

I have charted this up in all regular DMC but if you are feeling brave you could use a few metallic colours on the sparkles. Some seed beads in the center of the sparkles or dotted throughout the hair would also add a magical touch. I will leave these choices up to the stitcher as I know some people find metallic thread and beads fiddily. Plus you can customize the design as you fee fit, Be creative and see what you come up with. 

Much Love and happy stitching. 

Gemma XX

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Tuesday 5 January 2021

Reindeer heart cross stitch design for a large Christmas card

Reindeer heart cross stitch design for a large Christmas card

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
335 606

Inspiration for this design came from this picture in the public domain:

Hello Everyone, 

A few of my friends and I like to make a start on our Christmas cards in January while we are still feeling inspired from Christmas. So for fellow early Christmas card creators heres a lovely reindeer design. Since this design is only one colour it will be easy to switch up to colours to match your card stock or just what you think looks nice. 
This design could look great in variegated thread too in a fun Christmas gradient. 

I left the center of the design plain so that you can add your own message. From a simple Merry Christmas to a fancier Joyeux Noel the choice is yours. 

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