Buzy Bobbins cross stitch design Index page

Buzy Bobbins Index

This is a page to help you find designs on my blog. This page is ordered by category to help you get to the design you want to see.
If you would like to see a list of designs which will be suitable for charity/ small scale commercial stitching and a few notes on using the designs please see this LINK


Blue and green alphabet sampler
Fancy alphabet cross stitch design
Big bold cross stitch alphabet
Easter egg alphabet
Meme caption alphabet
Big backstitch alphabet
Retro styled half and half alphabet
Happy new year, whole stitches single colour Alphabet
Pumpkin themed Halloween Alphabet
Large bubble Alphabet
Simple thick block cross stitch alphabet with whole stitches only
Small alphabet using whole and half stitches
Whole stitches only alphabet for bold impact

Counting themed designs

Kids animal counting: 1 Hippo
Kids animal counting: 2 Giraffes
Kids animal counting: 3 Monkeys

Kids Animal Counting: 8 Elephants

Kids animal counting: 11 Slimy Snails
Kids animal counting: 12 Pawprints

Adventure Time Cross stitch designs  

Adventure time with Finn and Jake - Fist bump
Beemo dancing
Adventure time with Fionna and Cake
Marceline the Vampire Queen playing Bass
Finn and Lady Rainicorn
Flame Princess (cute)
Princess Bubblegum at 13 years old
Wildberry Princess
Lumpy Space Princess
The Ice King - cheeky grin
Finn the Human excited


Cardcaptor Sakura cross stitch design
Sumomo from Chobits cross stitch design
Large Pom Poko Cross stitch design
Chi and Freya from Chobits cross stitch design
Excel Saga - Anime Cross stitch design

Anime style (not from a particular show)

Cute girl bundled up in a purple scarf cross stitch design

Animals (pets)

Peanut the cat in a box
Border Collie Puppy
Simple Beagle puppy
Rainbow Bridge - Angel cat with halo
Rainbow Bridge - Angel dog
Hug a pug today - cute cartoon pug
Supercuties - Little horse 
Cute cat cactus Kawaii cross stitch design

Animals (not pets)
Small wolf paw - little cross stitch design motif
White wolf howling at a crescent moon cross stitch design
Silhouette of a sitting panther cross stitch design
Cute red fox cross stitch design
Pair of Seahorses
Yellow duck in the rain cross stitch design inspired by The Little Yellow Duck Project 
Cute spring lamb for a Easter card cross stitch design

Animals (farm)
White face black Spanish chicken small cross stitched motif with backstitch details

The Amazing world of Gumball

Gumball face close up

Ben Ten Cross stitch designs

Echo Echo
Ben Ten activating the Omnitrix

Birth Samplers/ baby designs

Fairy baby birth sampler
Pink and purple baby girl birth sampler design
Little Rainbow over the Hills Cross stitch design
Small pink and purple princess castle
Simple baby feet birth sampler design
Mummy's princess - heart with a crown
Cute bear in a hot air balloon
A Princess sleeps here, Pink text with cute pink flowers
I love you to the moon and stars and back again - small symbol
Baby shoes in Pink, Blue or Yellow

Birthday Designs

Presents with stars - Fun and colourful Birthday card cross stitch designs
Small birthday cake design - perfect for cross stitched greeting cards.
Candle cross stitch design for Birthday cards


Blue, green and yellow flower border
Tyre tracks cross stitch design for borders


Celtic Knot bookmark
Baby Stegosaurus dinosaur cross stitch design for kids


 Simple Easter bunny - Large and small versions
Pink Bunny Silhouette - Large snd card sized versions
Cute Easter cards with bunnies
Daffodil Spring/ Easter card designs
Cute spring lamb for a Easter card cross stitch design

Fantasy/ enchanted world

Flowers/ Plants Nature

Girl blowing a Dandelion
China blue flower motif
Make a Wish - Dandelion seeds turning into Butterflies
Small backstitch flower motif
Primrose Fairy surrounded by Primroses
Pretty circle of Butterflies and Flowers
Bright Modern flowers
Bee Happy - Bees, honeycomb and flower heart cross stitch design
True Crime and Red Wine with evidence markers cross stitched bookmark design

Football themed cross stitch designs


Club designs

A Finished Arenal Logo cross stitch with Kits
Fullham FC cross stitched logo
Sheffield Wednesday logo cross stitch
Wolverhampton Wanderers Design
Tottenham Hotspur Logo
Norwich City club logo
Blackburn Rovers Logo
Nottingham Forest Club Logo
Swansea City Club Logo
Aston Villa FC logo
Celtic FC club logo
West ham united logo
Stoke City logo

Football General designs

Two boys playing football cross stitch design


Simple sweet themed Trick or Treat Bag
I Love my Mummy simple Halloween motif
Pumpkin Alphabet
Jack O' Lantern Coaster designs for Halloween
Cute ghost coming out of a pumpkin
Cute cat in a pumpkin
Cute ghost giving a gift
Happy Ghost at a gravestone
Halloween Haunted house silhouette cross stitch design
Pentagram for Altar cloth
Butterfly inspired sugar skull cross stitch design
Witches bookshelf - small bookmark cross stitch design
Sad ghost at a gravestone
Simple scary skull cross stitch for Halloween Trick or Treat bags
Sugar Skull cross stitch design template
Cute Skull and cross bones in red and black heart cross stitch design 

The Lovers of Valdaro - skeleton cross stitch design

In the Night Garden

Upsy Daisy
Iggle Piggle

Kawaii/ cute

Cute pastel unicorn - kawaii cross stitch design
Kawaii coffee cross stitch design - I love coffee, coffee loves me
Toy Unicorn Cross stitch design
Cute Golden Unicorn
Stabulous - Cross stitch design of a happy cute and murderous unicorn

Miscellaneous Computer games

Link from The Minish Cap
Small Doom logo
Cute Chocobo
Phoenix Wright - Objection
Fidget from Dust: An Elysain Tail
This is the way the world ends - Untitled Goose Game cross stitch design
Some fowl just want to watch the world burn - Untitled Goose Game design

Miscellaneous Table top games

D20 small dice design
Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

Miscellaneous Childrens TV shows

Poddington Peas
Dexter from Dexters Lab
Parsley the Lion from The Herbs
Pocoyo playing with a train
Atomic Betty - High jump kick
Raa Raa the Noisy Lion

Bert Raccoon from the Raccoons
Trampy from The Shoe People
Rastamouse cross stitch
Stopit and Tidyup
Johnny Bravo
Samuri Jack
Penny Crayon
Powerpuff Girls Z Bubbles, Buttercup and Blossom
Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life
Ghostbusters logo
Robin from Teen Titans - Kneeling
Robin from Teen Titans - High Jump kick
Count Duckula
Doctor Lollipop the Unicorn Doctor

Meme Cross stitch 

Trollface/problem? face meme cross stitch design
Awesome face/ epic face meme
True story meme
Not sure if... Fry Futurama meme
Meme caption alphabet 
Are you Serious?/ Seriously? Meme
Unpopular Opinion Puffin meme cross stitch design


The Beatles Yellow submarine

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Cross stitch designs

Cutie Mark collection 1: Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie
Cutie Mark collection 2: Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash
Cutie Mark Collection 3 - Cheerilee, Big Mackingtosh and DJ Pon3

Twilight Sparkle as a Filly
Daring Doo
Derpy Hooves sitting
Applejack as a Filly
Derpy Hooves Flying
Rainbow dash at the Hearth's warming Eve pagean
Fluttershy as a filly
Rarity in a blue and yellow Canterlot dress
Nightmare Moon - storybook
Derpy Hooves Cushion and card (valentines themed)
Mare do well
Golden Harvest/Carrot Top
The Great and Powerful Trixie
Lyra Heartstrings running
Filly Applejack Standing
Zecora the Zebra
Pinkie pie in a chicken suit
Princess Candence Happy
Photo Finish
Gummy the Crocodile in a formal suit
Baby Applejack
Fluttershy Winking
Fluttershy in a fancy dress
Pipsqueak in his Nightmare night pirate outfit
Pinkamena Diane Pie (Straight haired Pinkie Pie)
Doctor Whooves
Princess Celestia reading a letter
Queen of the Changelings Queen Chrysalis
Derpy Hooves Trotting
Fluttershy in a green dress
Snips smiling
Rainbow Dash about to take off
Filly Cherilee
Hipster Rarity - Sweet and Elite
Big Macintosh
Rarity in a Red dress
Dj Pon3 at her DJ desk
Princess Luna
Applejack in DIY mode

My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Cross stitch designs

Spike the Dog
Fluttershy in Fall formal dress
Rarity in Fall Formal Dress
Twilight Sparkle in fall formal dress.
Rainbow Dash in Fall formal dress

MLP fan art 

Fluffle Puff

MLP Related

Rainbow Brony! sign
Letters from Equestria - Letters to Ponies designs for pencil cases/ purses


Sperm whale and a bowl of petunias - Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy cross stitch design



Pokemon Go teams Mystic, Valor and Instinct

Star Trek designs

Valentines day Designs

Large Simple rose
Valentines motif collection
Simple, modern Valentines day Card designs
Love cushion with flowers
Fancy pink heart
Two hearts become one
Envelope with hearts
Valentines cards cross stitch design - love
Ornate two colour heart cross stitch design
Kawaii coffee cross stitch design - I love coffee, coffee loves me
Rainbow hearts cross stitch designs for Valentines day
Cute Skull and cross bones in red and black heart cross stitch design 
The Lovers of Valdaro - skeleton cross stitch design


Cute red Mini Cooper - cushion sized cross stitch design
Rocket ship blasting off into space cross stitch design
Tyre tracks cross stitch design for borders
Simple cartoony rocket ship - cross stitch design.
Red and yellow high speed train cross stitch design
 Bright yellow School bus cross stitch design


Weddings and wedding anniversary

Save the date - Wedding invitation card cross stitch design.
Two hearts become one

Winx club

Bloom transforming into fairy form

Words and Phrases

Have a nice day - bright and cheerful cross stitch design

Zodiac card series 2016

Zodiac cross stitch design Aquarius January 20 - February 18
Zodiac cross stitch designs - Capricorn December 22 - January 19
Zodiac cross stitch -  Pisces February 19 - March 20
Zodiac cross stitch design Aries - March 21 - April 19
Zodiac cross stitch design - Taurus April 20 - May 20
Zodiac cross stitch design Gemini - May 21 - June 20
Zodiac Cancer June 21 - July 22 cross stitch design
Zodiac cross stitch design - Virgo August 23 - September 22
Zodiac cross stitch design Libra - September 23 - October 22
Zodiac Scorpio October 23 - November 21 cross stitch design
Zodiac Cross stitch design Sagittarius - November 22 - December 21

Other patterns

Geometric black and purple cross stitch design
Rainbow coloured Geometric pattern
Wishing well card sized cross stitch design
Question Mark Maze
Cute bird sitting in some bushes
Blue and green sewn bird
Bright orange and yellow summer sun motif
Bunch of colourful balloons
Jesters hat small card sized cross stitch design
Rainbow pencils cross stitch design - Thank you card
Pencil themed Thank you card for Teachers or artists cross stitch design 
Tiny wishing well motifs
Home Stay home - Coronavirus lockdown cross stitch design


Youtube Originals

Don't Hug me I'm Scared - small character portraits

Finished stitches

Mothers day cards - Tea and flowers
Angel alphabet cards
My stash of cross stitched Christmas cards for 2014
Big stash of general cross stitched cards from 2014.
Fur topped stocking Christmas card design.

Posts on subjects other than Cross stitch

Christmas Bauble Upcycling

Upcycling worn out Christmas Baubles
Spiderman Halloween decoration
How to make a Bloody handprint Halloween decoration from an old Christmas bauble
How to make a dripping bauble Halloween decoration.
Pokemon Gastly Halloween decoration
How to make a Wrapped sweet Christmas decoration.
How to make a Squirtle Squad decoration
How to make a Jake the dog decoration
How to make a Chain Chomp Christmas bauble
How to make painted Kirby bauble Christmas tree decoration

Other Upcycling

Upcycled bunting from left over wrapping paper
How to make wool covered letters - Kids craft
Fun kids crafts tutorial: Making doll clothes from wrapping paper

Index of Card ideas

How to make a Minion Birthday card
A simple Felt flower mothers day/ Easter card

Index of Interviews

Interview with Chickenfuzznuts - Minecraft pixel artist
An interview with Riku a Hama bead artist from Riku's raving Hama Revolution

Index of Crafty Musings

Using paint for cross stitch design
Tips on Teaching children to cross stitch
Cross stitch kit review: Camper vans by Fido Stitch Studio
Things to consider when choosing a cross stitch design
Upcycling worn out Christmas baubles
My Stitching New Years Resolutions
Spring cleaning my craft stash - Uncovering craft oddities 
Crafting for charity (Charities based in the UK)

Index of Craft book reviews

Fashion Trims: Customize and Create bespoke clothes and accessories
Quick & clever cross stitch: Eight Sampler templates with over 1,000 pick-and-mix motifs
Two Hour Cross stitch - 515 Fabulous designs
Cross Stitch Angels: Over 30 inspirational designs
Manga Cross-Stitch > make your own graphic art needlework

Index of Artist/ Product spotlights

Unboxing and review of Cutiepies' Hair bows
Artist Spotlight: Maz's Boutique
Artist Spotlight: Pins and Needles
Artist spotlight: Geeky Clean - Power-up your bath time with geeky themed soaps
Artist Spotlight: Twinkle Kitty Boutique
Zukiestyle - Beautifully bespoke fashion and pet accessories
Rainbow butterfly cross stitch kit by Climbing Goat Designs - Unboxing and review

Index of Kickstarter Highlights

Cute Kickstarter project 365 Reasons by Nikita Carson

Index of Posts about Simbrix

A preview of Simbrix - Interconnecting bricks for creative sculptures
Fun things to make with Simbrix
Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 1 - Easy designs
Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 2 - Glass markers and table decorations - advanced designs

Index of Event themed posts

Adventures at the Frequency Festival Part 1 (2015)
Adventures at the Frequency Festival Part 2 (2015)

Index of Cosplays spotted 

Cosplays spotted at EMcon 2016
Cosplays spotted at MCM London Expo May 2016 - Part 1
Cosplays spotted at MCM London Expo May 2016 - Part 2

Cosplays spotted at Sheffield Film and Comic con August 2016

Index of Cosplay Tutorials

How to make a Shyguy/Shygal costume mask - cosplay tutorial

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