Wednesday 23 December 2020

Grand piano top black and white cross stitch design

 Grand piano top black and white cross stitch design

This first design reads:

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything!

This design contains a whole lot of backstitch for the letters but will be worth it if you want to display this poetic quote. 

Plain version of grand piano design

Finally heres a teeny tiny little grand piano design using just a little backstitch to create the edge of the white keys and the black keys on the piano keys. 


DMC thread number





Hello everyone, 

Today I have a little grand piano desigm for you. I was sent the quote shown above and was inspired to draw something music themed. This is a quick sketch so I may go more in depth with it later. 

These little designs can be good for cards, orinments are little gifts for a music lover in your life. 

For a few more designs you may like here are some links. For some small designs check out the motif collections and since this post is going out around Christmas maybe check out the Christmas designs for anything which strikes your interest. 

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Bah humbug - Cheeky Christmas cross stitch design

Bah humbug - Cheeky Christmas cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Black 403
White 2
Red 334

Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to share a new Christmas design for anyone not feeling too Christmassy this year. 
Its been quite the year hasn't it? So I'll be making this as this years Christmas decoration. 

For this picture the Humbug is a humbug sweet. If you have not tried one of these delightful snacks before its a boiled sweet usually flavoured with Peppermint which is striped black and white. Though other colour and flavour combinations exist the back and white minty sweets are by far the most often seen. 

For more information check them out on Wikipedia:

Tuesday 15 December 2020

Single colour Christmas card designs - Simple to sew cross stitched cards

Single colour Christmas card designs - Simple to sew cross stitched cards

A lovely ornate heart for someone you love this Christmas

A bold Christmas tree to wish someone a Merry Christmas

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
923 699

Hello everyone,

I was asked for a couple of designs which only used one colour to keep my nieces busy while they visited Grandma without having to bring along lots and lots of threads. I chose green for these because green is very festive and goes with almost any other Christmas decoration but theres no reason to stick with green if theres another colour you'd love. Why not try one of these with some variegated thread to really let the colour variations of the thread show through.

If you wanted the areas which are white in the original design to be a different colour you could always fill this in or to save yourself a little time (since there's always many Christmas cards to sew at once) change up the colour of the aida to something which compliments or contrasts with the embroidery thread you are stitching with.

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas time and can have great fun with their family as well as fitting in a little relaxing stitching in the holidays.

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

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Wednesday 9 December 2020

How to make painted Kirby bauble Christmas tree decoration

How to make painted Kirby bauble Christmas tree decoration

Hello everyone,
Its that time of year to get your decorations on the tree. I got given a few baubles covered in scrapes and chipped colour which were not neat enough for the tree but not broken so I just didn't want to throw them out. Instead I decided that painting them was the answer to cover all the little scuffs.

This little Kirby bauble came about because I thought this character would be perfect to place near the star on the tree. With his round shape he is perfect for a Christmas bauble and his happy face seems perfect to bring a smile to those who see it.

So with no further ado lets get to this tutorial going :)

What you will need:
Spare bauble
Acrylic paint in pink, black, white dark pink and blue.
String or ribbon to hang your bauble from the tree.
Paint sealant spray (optional)

Step 1:
Get your bauble, if you have managed to get one in light pink skip over to step 2. However if like me you havn't been able to find a pink bauble or have a scuffed one you will need to paint one pink.
Paint it in light pink acrylic paint, you may need to paint one half at a time while resting it in a cup to dry. (I used an egg cup for a small bauble)

Tip: If you are able to remove the piece of the bauble with the hanging loop do so before painting the whole bauble, this will help it stay neat for later but if you cannot remove it be careful when painting around it.
This piece cannot be removed on all baubles so do not force it else you risk breaking it.

Step 2:
Once your light pink paint is fully dry draw on Kirbys features in pencil.

Heres an example of the pose I used. The feet are up around the body like Kirby is sitting so it looks correct around the bauble. Feel free to copy this pose or make your own.

Tip: Don't forget that the bauble will be hanging a certain way up so it is recommended to ensure that the hanger is facing upwards when drawing your pattern. 

Step 3:

Next we need to fill in some of your pattern
Fill in the eyes and mouth with black and the feet with dark pink. Let this dry before the next step

Step 4:

Paint in black acrylic around the arms, you will need a thin paintbrush for this
Put a white dot at the top of each eye then allow the paint to dry

Step 5:

Add a blue dot at the bottom of each eye. Then using the dark pink you used before for the feet add a little oval on each cheek and a tounge at the bottom of the mouth.

Step 6: (optional)
Once all of the paint is dry use the paint sealant spray according to the packet instructions and allow it to dry as recommended by your product. 
This will help prevent the paint on your bauble from chipping if the bauble is dropped but you can get away without doing it if you are careful with your new decoration. 

Finally hang your new Kirby onto your Christmas tree. Add some ribbon or string to the bauble to allow you to do this easily or hide it among the branches. I think a Kirby bauble looks really nice with some gold/yellow star shaped decorations which reminds us of course of Kirby's warp star 

And that's it! how easy is that? I hope everyone has fun upcycling their old Christmas baubles.

Much love and happy crafting
Gemma xx

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