Friday 16 May 2014

Interview with Chickenfuzznuts - Minecraft Pixel artist

Interview with Chickenfuzznuts - Minecraft Pixel artist

Hello everyone. I have a guest on the blog today, goes by the name of Chickenfuzznuts and is a fantastic Minecraft artist. That picture above is actually a selection of work on their Minecraft world, a collection of My Little Ponies all recreated within a creative flatworld.
I have been eagerly watching the Chickenfuzznuts - MLP pixel art projects Facebook page for awesome updates on new builds and works in progress. I find it interesting how Minecraft in its blocky nature just lends itself to Pixel art so beautifully and as Chickenfuzznuts points out the pixelated nature of cross stitch designs with whole stitches only can be directly translated directly into MInecraft too.
As an example the sculpture in the picture above is based on my cross stitch design of Trixie the great and powerful. You can see the full design here:  The Great and Powerful Trixie
BB) So what made you start up your Facebook page?
CFN) Well what made me start up the page was all the respect and honor I was getting from my friends on Xbox and other people joining the world and having a look at my projects
BB) How did you choose your page name? It is rather memorable and I'd love to hear how you came up with it.
CFN) Well ChickenFuzzNuts is my Xbox live gamer tag and I was building pixel art on MineCraft so then I though of ChickenFuzzNuts - MLP pixel art projects and that's how I came up with the name
BB) Is there a pixel art sculpture you are particularly proud of?
CFN) The massive My Little Pony logo with all the main six ponies of the show

BB) Where do you get your templates from for the sculptures? Care to share any links with us?
CFN) Well I don't draw them out just search My Little Pony pixel art templates and I just look for ones that are girded out.

BB) The grids are very useful in Minecraft building, saves having to guess how many blocks to put down.  I see that you are a fan of MLP from the wonderful sculptures on your page. Do you  have a favorite character?
CFN) Yes and she is Octavia
BB) On the Minecraft side of things do you have a material you prefer to make your sculptures from?
CFN) Just normal wool
BB) So I see your sculptures have a great array of colours in them. What texture pack are you using at the moment?
CFN) I don't use any texture packs when I'm building pixel art
BB) Wow I'm impressed at how accurate you are able to be with the colours using just the standard texture pack. Do you have any hints and tips for anyone who wishes to make large MineCraft Pixel art like you do
CFN) Well if you save the pic of the pixel art you want to build then open it up in photo's or images then zoom in and count the block by its color do the out line first then it makes the inside of the pixel art easier to fill in.

Here's an example of the outline technique here using the Trixie design. Each outline colour was laid out first ready to be filled in later. Then the job can be made into manageable chunks by filling in one section at a time.

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Friday 9 May 2014

Aston villa FC logo - Football themed cross stitch design

Aston villa FC logo - Football themed cross stitch design

This is a cross stitch design for the Aston Villa FC football club logo.
This design has whole stitches only and was really fun to draw. I hope anyone who wants to sew it has as much fun sewing as I had drawing.

For the clubs official web page follow this link:
This logo belongs to the Aston Villa Football club. This design is fan art and I claim no rights to it.

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