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Hello Everyone,

As it has been requested a few times here is a small guide on using designs from the Buzy Bobbins blog.

Using designs for personal use

All designs on this blog can be sewn for personal use or gifts, all designs are free to use. If you post your finished piece online I would be grateful if you link back to this blog so others can stitch the design if they would like to but this is not mandatory.

Stitchers are welcome to change the design in any way they like, mix and match designs, change the colours or just stitch it as it is. It is all up to you and your creativity.

The full index page can be found here or check out the list of designs below which omits fan art and designs created in collaboration with other artists if you would like to view just the original designs and those inspired by images in the creative commons.

Using designs for charity use, either directly or for fundraising

Please refer to the list below for designs which are my own or inspired by images in the Creative commons which can be used for charity stitching. These designs are all free to use.

Just with personal stitching you are welcome to change up the designs in any way you see fit for your purpose or just for adding your own creative flair.

When posting your finished stitch online I would be grateful for a link back to this blog so others can stitch it if they would like but again this is not mandatory.

If a design is used for charity please feel free to pop a comment on the design with the charity link. I love designing and stitching for charity and hope to give a few more charities a shout out on the blog so encourage more people to join in.

Using designs for commercial use

When using designs from the list below for commercial use please take note of the following guidelines:

1. These designs are only for small scale use for example hand sewn in small batches, not factory made products in bulk.
2. If you use one of these designs for a product please place a link to this blog somewhere convenient for example on the online listing for the product or on the tag for items sold in person so that if someone wishes to sew it for themselves they can do so. (If there is not room for the full link then just can be used)
3. Nobody has exclusive rights to any design, this means that other crafters may be using the same design for their products. Please bear this in mind if someone has used the same design on their product.
4. Crafters are free to change up the designs as they see fit, change the colours, use different combinations of motifs together or add a stitched phrase to the design. The choice is yours.
5. Please do not take the design itself to sell or print the design itself to sell. When you make a product from the design buyers are paying for your time and the materials to make the finished items. These designs are free and were not meant for sale otherwise I would be selling them myself.
6. If you sell a product made from a design on this blog please feel free to comment on it with your link. If someone likes the design but doesn't have the time to sew it themselves they may pop by for a look at your product. This is not mandatory though but I may give a shout out to sellers who leave their link. :)

Designs which can be used for commercial or charity use

This is a list of the designs on this blog which are my own design or inspired by images in the creative commons. I have omitted from this list any fan art designs or ones drawn in collaboration with other artists. This means that these designs listed below will not have copyright concerns.

This list will be periodically updated as more designs are added to the blog. If a design is not listed here it will not be suitable for commercial use.


Counting themed designs

Anime style (not from a particular show)

Animals (pets)

Animals (not pets)

Animals (farm)

Birth Samplers/ baby designs

Birthday Designs



Christmas designs



Flowers/ Plants Nature


True Crime and Red Wine with evidence markers cross stitched bookmark design

 Football General designs


Kawaii/ cute

Miscellaneous Table top games



Valentines day Designs


Weddings and wedding anniversary

Words and Phrases

Zodiac card series 2016

Other patterns

Motif collections

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