Friday 15 November 2013

Tardis - Doctor Who cross stitch design

Tardis - Doctor Who cross stitch design

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Hello cross stitchers. Who is looking forward to the 50th anniversary Doctor Who special? Theres a bit of buzz about it amongst my friends. Its also available in the cinema to view on the big screen. That must be one serious episode to warrant this. :)

So because I couldn't stop looking up the various Doctor Who trailers for this episode I decided to take a break by drawing the Tardis. This design is easily cushion sized and contains only whole stitches (so not tricky backstitch or half stitches to trouble you). When stitching this you will want to make sure you have plenty of the blue thread, it fills quite a large area and you wouldn't want to run out part way.

This design was drawn to be simple to sew maybe I'll draw another design with more details but a few more complicated stitches involed or maybe an itty bitty Tardis for cards. I'd love to send a Doctor Who themed birthday card to my friend who is a really big fan of the show.

This design is fan art to share with other Cross stitching Doctor Who fans. I claim no rights to the characters or show as it belongs to the BBC.

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  1. love this! what colors did you use?

    1. Hi there added the colours to the post. For some reason Blogger hasn't let me reply to this post for ages.


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