Wednesday 16 December 2015

Fun things to make with Simbrix

Fun things to make with Simbrix

Hello everyone

Last week my Simbrix arrived! For those who don't know they are cute little building blocks which have recently been funded via Kickstarter. The fun thing about these bricks is that they stay together fairly well normally but can optionally be ironed to make a creation permanent. None of the following projects have been ironed so can be re-used for another creation.
Here's a link to their website:

Anyhow I have been spending loads of time coming up with fun things that we can do with the Simbrix so here's a few ideas and templates if you happen to have your own Simbrix. If not then these templates can also be used for tiny little cross stitches too. Remember though finished items in cross stitch will be smaller than items in Simbrix.

Simbrix Photo Frame

To make this adorable photoframe I built the frame with the middle hole slightly smaller than the picture. The outer edge can be as wide as you like but remember it will need to fit on the shelf. 
To attach the photograph to the frame I used a small amount of photo friendly masking tape on the back. When you want to re-use your Simbrix for another creation the masking tape peels right off again. 
Be careful not to use regular sellotape for this since it could damage your picture/ photograph.

In this particular design I used the heart shape from the coaster below. 

Simbrix drinks coaster

Heres a very quick design for a drinks coaster. If your favorite mug or glass is larger than mine then add some extra bricks around the outside of the design until it fits. If you intend to re-use your bricks I don't recommend using this coaster for very hot cups. 

Simbrix Christmas decoration

This is a Simbrix creation I turned into a Christmas decoration. It perched quite well on the branches of my tree. I didn't even have to iron this one to work well as a decoration because on the tree it isnt handled so won't fall apart easily. 

Here's a design for this decoration, it looks like a brightly coloured cracker, though my friend swears it looks more like a wrapped sweet. I guess it could be either. 

Simbrix selfie accessories

A cheeky little sunglasses and mustache combination for accessorizing your selfie.

This design is pretty simple to make and in Simbrix is in proportion to an adult face. The glasses and mustache can be separated and used individually if preferred but I really like the way they look as one piece. 

Anyway thats all for now. I'll be posting some more Simbrix designs once I have another collection ready for a post.
Much love and happy crafting

For my first review of Simbrix heres a link:

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