Friday 4 December 2015

Simple Idea for handmade Christmas cards

Simple Idea for handmade Christmas cards

Hello everyone this is a really simple idea for a set of Christmas cards. I made these cards because I have run out of time to cross stitch but still had many more people to get cards to. 

To make these cards first I started out with a blue card blank. The exact shade of blue doesn't matter because a darker shade of blue could be a night-time sky and a lighter shade of blue can be a twilight sky. Next I got some snow patterned paper and simply cut out some gentle wavy lines to represent a snowy hill.
I used some Christmas tree cutouts which my friend had made using her paper punch and added some glitter glue for some extra sparkle. 

Using a punch gives great results every time and saves time in cutting out ornate shapes. I think If I would have had to cut each tree by hand these cards would have taken much much longer.

 To top it all off our use some spare star shape sequins which  were lying about in the bottom of my sewing box. I used Pink and yellow to match the glitter glue on the trees. A mixture of blues, yellows and silver/ white sequins would look fabulous as a realistic colour sky or you could go all out and use a variety of colours because of course its Christmas and everyone knows Christmas eve is a very magical time. (for children and adults alike)

Both of these cards took me about five minutes of cutting and gluing together but I think the end effect was very worth it. 

Now all I need is a very jolly merry Christmas stamp to add to the inside unfortunately the one I have is very very small and would be dwarfed and all that paper so I'm going to have to invest in getting a bigger one for next year. Maybe if I stick a link here to one I really like someone may add it to my WishList for Christmas. 

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