Friday 18 December 2015

How to make a simple Minions Christmas bauble

How to make a simple Minions Christmas bauble

Hello everyone,
It seems like minions are everywhere these days but I realised there are no Minions on my Christmas tree nor the trees of my friends so I set about to solve this. :)

Heres a tutorial on how to decorate some baubles of your own. This method requires some cutting out so young children will need some adult assistance. However the adult could always cut out the shapes in advance allowing children to stick them on with child safe glue. I checked this worked with my child safe PVA glue and the baubles have been holding up without being heavily handled. However this can also be made with stronger craft glue for a sturdier finish if they are going to be given as presents.

What you will need:

Gold or Yellow baubles. 
Felt in Grey, White and Black
Thin black ribbon
Glue (I used PVA glue but a stronger craft glue can also be used)

Step 1:
Take the black ribbon and glue it all the way around the middle of the bauble and allow this to dry.
This will represent the strap of the goggles that each minion wears.

Step 2:

Cut out a large circle of grey felt and a slightly smaller circle of white felt. You will need one set for each eye your minion has. 
Glue these circles on. It is recomended to use the circles to cover the area the ribbons overlap to help your bauble look neat. 

Step 3:

Cut very small circles of black felt for the pupil and glue one on each eye. 

Step 4:

Lastly cut out shapes from your black felt to become the mouths and hair. 
This is a fun excuse to rewatch the movies to work out what expressions you want to use and hairstyles to copy. 
Here are my examples for the faces. 

I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial, have a great time decorating your tree with plenty of Minions. 
If you have any pictures of your own makes please pop them in the comments I would love to see them. :)

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