Saturday 5 December 2015

How to make a wrapped sweet Christmas bauble tutorial

How to make a wrapped sweet Christmas bauble tutorial

Hello everyone,
Heres a tutorial on how to turn a small bauble into a wrapped sweet decoration. This is a great way to re-use a bauble which is too scuffed to use on the tree otherwise since you won't see the bauble itself when you are done.

What you will need:

Baubles (it doesn't matter what colour or how scuffed they are)
A piece of fabric to use as the sweet wrapper, I used a neat gold fabric from another project but you can use what ever fabric matches your Christmas decorations.
Matching thread to the fabric or invisible thread
Ribbon or string for hanging the bauble
Felt (optional)
Glue (I used PVA but a stronger craft glue can be used)

Step 1:
Cut a rectangle of your fabric wide enough to go around the middle of your bauble. Make the fabric long enough to cover the bauble plus extra to create the twists of the wrapper.

 Step 2:
Glue all the way around the middle of the bauble, ensuring that the hanging hook will be facing out of the wrapping. Allow the glue to become tacky and wrap the fabric over the bauble.
You may need to hold the fabric down to ensure it dries while stuck on. Im afraid I had to hold it a few minuites to do this. Don't worry about the loose ends either side of the bauble we will deal with this later.

Step 3: (optional)
Once the glue on the fabric has dried you can add a complimentary piece of felt (or other fabric) to make a little label for your sweet. If you choose to do this it is best to add it over the area where your main fabric overlaps to help cover the join. Alternately use your Ribbon to create a stripe all the way around the middle of your sweet or add a pretty bow to it.

 Step 4:
Take your matching/ invisible thread and tie it around the top and bottom of the bauble to create the wrapped sweet effect. For the thread at the top of the bauble take care to wrap it at the point where the hanger meets the bauble rather than above the hanger. (we will need it later)

Step 5: (optional)
Check you can still see the hanging loop inside the top of the bauble wrapping. Use your string or ribbon to create a loop to hang your new sweetie bauble from the tree. Ensure that the loop is longer than the wrapping so when your bauble is hung on the tree the top wrapping is not squashed by the branch it is hung from.
If you don't add a hanging loop these decorations are light enough to simply rest on your Christmas tree branches.

So there it is, a really easy way to make use of baubles which are scuffed or the wrong colour for this years Christmas decorations. Also this can be a fun project for kids if an adult can help with the cutting of fabric as the kids can choose the fabric combinations they want to use on the tree.

I hope everyone enjoys this tutorial, I look forward to seeing any pictures of your own makes. Have a Merry Christmas :D


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