Saturday 21 May 2016

Artist Spotlight: Maz's Boutique - a delightful mix of kawii, gothic and colourful clothing and accessories with a sprinkling of geek culture

Artist Spotlight: Mazs Boutique - a delightful mix of kawii, gothic and colourful clothing and accessories with a sprinkling of geek culture

Hello everyone
On my recent trip to Emcon in Nottingham I spotted the delightful stall by Maz's Boutique and fell in love with everything on the stall. Its a good job I had set myself a budget for the Convention or I would have brought quite a few items. I did treat myself to a stunning black choker necklace and a hair clip featuring the tiniest, cutest hat I have ever seen.

I was fortunate enough to be able to take some pictures of the display to show you all so I'll pop those below.
However if you'd like to check out more of this Artists work here are some links:

Facebook page:
Etsy page:

I definitely recommend checking out the Facebook page, it has certainly cheered up my Facebook wall to see such lovely colourful makes pop up. Also I've spotted a few fan pictures of customers wearing their purchases so you can get a good idea what the clothing looks like on real people too.

There was a selection of cute and geeky themed clothing at the stall. The items which stood out most to me was the Pokémon and Star Wars items.

Heres a little sample of all the jewelry items I spotted. There are so many which would fit into a sweet Lolita outfit theme particularly the lovely pastel colours and the sweet themed ones. There were a collection which had little macaroons and a few which I didn't catch in the pictures had cute little sushi charms. Gosh this whole stand is making me want some nice treats now. :) 

A lovely collection of chokers and necklaces. Just check out that glow in the dark Batman symbol - how cool is that! I bet that would look very striking at a party.

There was also a collection of lovely rings in the shape of various little cakes and cute characters. You don't need to be dressed totally in Lolita fashions to wear such items though, a little cute accessory is a really subtle way to brighten up an ordinary outfit.

At this point I should stop squeeing over all the cute and give a little note on the quality of the items I brought for myself. The choker is fastened by a little strip of Velcro which is sewn on very firmly. Even when my delightful small nephew took a liking to it and whipped the choker off of my neck it still held strong. This is amazing since a few of my necklaces have not been able to withstand a sharp tug from his little toddler fingers!

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with another spotlight from Em-con soon but now I'm off to Maz's Boutique Facebook page to look at some lovely items!

Much love and happy Stitching

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