Friday 27 May 2016

Dollar sign containing an American flag cross stitch design

Dollar sign containing an American flag cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Black 403
White 1
Blue 134
Red 1098

Hello Everyone,
Today I thought I'd draw something a little bit different, I was asked for something which could go into a 'gangster' themed bedroom because the boy who is decorating is a big fan of Gangster style console games.
I did consider drawing a pound sign with some bling but to be honest all of the games he likes are set in America so a dollar sign felt far more fitting. I may have to make another version some time with a little bling, maybe gold coloured with some gems but I have been finding gems so very hard to draw.

You know drawing a bit of random punctuation was actually quite fun. I think I'll have to do another at some point, maybe some question marks or Amphersands. My brother and I used to find random punctuation fairly amusing in decoration because out of context it is essentially nonsense. Plus I do think a few exclamation marks on my sofa cushions would definitely be a starting point for conversation.

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