Tuesday 10 May 2016

Cosplays spotted at EMcon 2016

Cosplays spotted at EMcon 2016

Hello everyone,
On Saturday I took a little trip to Nottingham to take part in the fun at Emcon this Bank holiday weekend.
So I thought I would share some of the pictures of wonderful cosplayers I spotted at the event. I would like to thank everyone who took a moment to stop for a picture. I am always grateful when someone takes time out of their day to pose since theres always so much to do at a convention.

Without further ado here we go.

This is a costume of the Superhero Green Arrow - a bow wielding bringer of justice. I love the attention to detail in this costume as it comes complete with arrows strapped to the arms. This cosplayer has done a fantastic job on this one and has even perfected a pose ready to notch an arrow. Bad guys beware when Green Arrow is watching. :)

This is a brilliant Cosplay of Foxy from the hit horror game Five Nights at Freddies.
Foxy is a Pirate themed animatronic character which is why we see the details of the pirate hook and eyepatch. I adore the detail of the giant painted on mouth in this costume, it must have taken a load of work to get this accurate and looking so neat it is also a very clever way around having to wear a large clumbersome mask, making this version still very effective (and a touch scary just like the original character) but still easy to walk around a convention in.
Well done on this version of Foxy, I was almost a little scared to ask for a photo. :)

This is a cosplay of Queen Chrysalis - the Queen of the Changelings from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As you guys may know I am a massive fan of My Little Pony so when I saw this costume I knew who it was right away. This cosplayer has effectively made a four legged character humanoid with careful use of details to make sure we know who it is meant to be. May I point out the beautiful crown and horn detail, I am actually very impressed by the detail even though the ends of each piece are quite thin. I also love the wings. I may have to have a go at making some myself.
Thank you for a wonderful cosplay, I am quite inspired to try my own My Little Pony outfit. :)

This is a Cosplay of Mabel from Gravity Falls.
May I point out that the stars on this costume actually lit up. It may not be quite so obvious in the photo but this is a set of Christmas lights woven into the jumper. Looks like these lights are battery powered rather than mains powered like in the original cartoon. (but then a mains powered jumper would be very impractical for a convention hall)
This cosplayer even came complete with a little Waddles plush toy which is just do adorable.

Missy from Doctor Who

This has to be one of my Favourite Cosplays I spotted on the day. This cosplayer even has a ready to take over the world pose spot on here. :D

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