Saturday 15 October 2016

Princess Luna from My Little Pony cross stitch design

Princess Luna from My Little Pony cross stitch design

Colour Used in these areas: DMC Number Anchor Number
Black Main body outline, main colour on necklace, pupil, crown and cutie mark
Dark blue Body main colour 791

Blue Hair colour inside stripe 797

Light blue Eyeshadow, iris 3755

White Moon on cutie mark and necklace, whites in eye White

Purple Outer stripe on hair and shoes 209

Dark purple Outline on hair and crown 550


This design was originally drawn in Anchor colours. I used a Conversion chart to get the DMC colours. For the closest match to the design please use Anchor colours.

The conversion chart I used can be found here:

Hello everyone,

With Halloween round the corner I decided to rewatch the nightmare night episode of My Little Pony and boy do I love that one. It reminded me of just how sweet and awkward she was in the first season. I suppose that's what a thousand years on the moon will do for you.

This design is based more off Luna's appearance in the second season, shes grown up a little more, learned to stand tall and give orders without having to use the Royal Canterlot voice and in this way feels more majestic and graceful.

This design is just the right size for a cushion or quilt I think that Luna would go great with some calming blue fabric or some fabric containing stars and moon patterns to help a special someone sleep knowing Princess Luna is watching over their dreams.

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