Monday 13 February 2017

Dynasty Warriors Lubu sprite Valentines card

Dynasty Warriors Lu Bu sprite Valentines card

Photo of the finished piece

The full sprite

Where is it used
Anchor Thread numbers
Dark grey (actually two thread colours sewn as one)
One strand of 403 and one strand of 235
Light grey
On armour, feathers on head and backstitch on halbeard
On halbeard
Light pinkish brown

Hello everyone,

Its almost Valentines day so I thought I'd share the card I made for my lovely Fiancee. Hes not into lovey dovey things but he is into Dynasty Warriors. We have completed several of the games on two player mode. I usually pick some of the bad ass ladies while my lovely partner will often pick Lu Bu so I decided to re purpose a Final Fantasy 6 sprite of the Fighter class into a approximation of Lu Bu from Dynasty warriors 8. Of course being such a small sprite I couldn't get all of the detail into the design that is present in the full game. I did make sure to include his impressive red feathers which he always wears on his helmet and his signature halberd complete with red tassle which he can be found wielding in almost all of the games he features in.

If you take a close look at the finished cross stitch you will see that the armour is actually sewn with one strand of black and one strand of dark grey. I found this a really effective way to represent the armour in stitches without adding extra complication for the stitcher. It really looks like the textured armour that Lu Bu wears when viewed in real life. I do hope that this comes across well on my photograph.

The text on the card reads:

Wu are Red
Wei are Blue
I would conquer
The Three Kingdoms
for you!

The backstitch alphabet I got from the following blog:

Check out the alphabets on these pages they are so amazing!

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