Wednesday 8 February 2017

Square repeating flower motif cross stitch design

Square repeating flower motif cross stitch design

Colour Where is it used Anchor Thread numbers
Blue Outlines 161
Pale blue Flower petals 128
Green Leaves 259
Yellow Inside of flowers 292

Hello everyone,

Today I have a nice small and easy design suitable for cards, small motifs and cross stitched coasters.

As always these thread number suggestions can be swapped out for your favourite colours or the favourite colours of the person you would like to stitch for.

This design was inspired by a recent visit to a stately home. It was for a wedding and while waiting for the bride to get ready I took some pictures of the scenery around the building. I love how these grand old houses are decorated. Watch this space I'll have some more designs for you all based on the simple repeating patterns I took pictures of.

Much love and happy stitching

Gemma xx

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