Friday 24 February 2017

Ice cream double scoop cone - Summer fun cross stitch design bookmark

Ice cream double scoop cone - Summer fun cross stitch design bookmark

Colour Where is it used Anchor Thread numbers
Dark green Outline on mint scoop 209
Green Main colour on mint scoop 206
Dark pink Outline on Raspberry scoop 35
Pink Main colour on Raspberry scoop 1021
Brown Outline on cone 1049
Tan Cone main colour 852

Reference image found in the public domain here:

Hello everyone,

I am currently wishing for summer to finally arrive, its been cold, wet, windy and miserable. So to cheer myself up I designed this cute little ice cream cone bookmark to remind me of lovely warm beach holidays.
This will be perfect for my summer beach reading, or the book I will take with me on the long journey to warmer climates. I'll sew one for my friends to mut change up the colours of the scoops to be their favourite flavours of ice cream.

If you are sewing this design for a fun greetings card it would be fun to use beads on the top of the scoops along with the coloured stitches to look even more like sprinkles. I left them off the bookmark version since little beads could dent the pages if squashed inside a book but on a nice card it will add a nice sparkle and a little dimenstion to the stitch.

I really should start getting my easter designs ready soon but with the weather it has been more like the depths of winter this week. Perhaps more excuse to stay in and stitch!

Much love and Happy Stitching

Gemma xxx


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