Saturday 21 April 2012

Classic Doctor Who logo Fourth Doctor cross stitch design

Classic Doctor Who logo cross stitch design

Hello everyone

Today I'll post an update to this cross stitch design. (March 2019). I have made a colour design and one in shades of blue to show the version which is shown in the fourth Doctors show intro

Heres the colour version:

And the blue version:

I hope stitchers and Whovians alive enjoy the new version

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx
In case anyone is stitching the old version please find it here:

I'm showing my age here but I remember running to find the best place on the sofa when I saw this come on.

I was never scared of the old Dr Who, my Dad always explained how the special effects were done.
However in the new series I must admit the weeping angels really got me. Coo I almost fell of my chair in fright that episode.

This design is one of a couple I'm considering for another Dr Who mad friend. Will post more when I'm done.

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This design is fan art to share with other Cross stitching Doctor Who fans. I claim no rights to the characters or show as it belongs to the BBC.


  1. Could you email me the pattern for this? My boyfriend would love it if I made this.

    1. Hi there. I'm glad you like the pattern are you able to right click and save as on the picture to get a copy? Not sure how it works on mobile devices but this should work on a pc.

  2. Just came across this and my wife is a definitive Whovian. She absolutely loved this as she watched Doctor Who as a child (now 65) and still watches it avidly.
    Wondering if you have a list of the threads and the appropriate colours etc either in Anchor or DMC.
    She is extremely good with colours and maybe able to work it all out but any assistance would be appreciated.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there, Thank you for popping by. :) I love to hear of other Whovians. Im a little too young to have seen the original TV broadcasts of the fourth Doctor but I became a fan of his after hearing the fourth doctor radio plays on the iplayer.
      I'm afraid I do not have the original file for this one. I lost a whole bunch of files when an old PC died. But for you I am redrawing the pattern (as I think I can do a better job now I know more about cross stitch design) So please give me a little while to complete the new version and I will post it up on this page as an edit with thread numbers included.

      Thanks again. :)

    2. Just a quick note to let you know the updated version is now live. I do hope your wife enjoys stitching this design. :)


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