Friday 15 June 2012

Fancy alphabet cross stitch design

Fancy alphabet cross stitch design
This is a small yet fancy cross stitched font.
I have left all the letters in black so that the design can be easily seen. However if you wish to use these on a piece of your own you should pick a colour which you think would look great on the finished item. I am going to use this font with another small picture to make a baby sampler which I will post up soon.

These letters are whole stitches only so can be used by any level of stitcher.
This font has been designed to be pretty and readable. Haven't you ever found that some fancy letters can be unreadable at first glance. For a baby sampler you defiantly want to ensure the name is readable particularly because a young child may have this up in their room. (and perhaps like my nephew start copying the letters from it)

Edit: Just recently I noticed that Amy at the wonderful blog Positively Splendid has used this alphabet for one of her Christmas design projects.
Its just so pretty and easy to do I recommend that you check it out. Heres a link:
Plus it gives some very useful advice on spacing and planning your alphabets so that it fits just right on the fabric for your project.

This alphabet sampler is my own design. Feel free to use the letters in your own personal stitches and for other non commercial use.

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