Friday 13 July 2012

In the Night Garden - Upsy Daisy Cross Stitch Design

In the Night Garden - Upsy Daisy Cross Stitch Design

This is a cushion sized cross stitch design of Upsy Daisy from In the night garden.

I ended up watching a few episodes of In the Night Garden while babysitting a friends little boy and I am quite charmed at how colourful, happy and bright the whole show is. Plus it was wonderful to see how much enjoyment he got from the show.
I drew Upsy daisy because she is very cute and colourful and I personally quite like her.
However I have been told that I must draw Iggle Piggle too so I guess he will be coming up soon.

You may notice the flowers on her top do not look just like the ones in the show. However when I experimented with making all the petals separate it ended up with so many fiddly half stitches that it just was not practical considering the rest of the picture has no halves at all.

This is fan art of a wonderful kids show shared for free for anyone who wishes to stitch the picture. I claim no ownership of the characters of the show.

In the Night Garden TM & © Ragdoll Worldwide Limited 2007. Licensed by BBC Worldwide Limited.

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