Saturday 19 January 2013

Not sure if... Fry Meme cross stitch design

Not sure if... Fry Meme cross stitch design
This is a cross stitch design of the Fry meme with a cross stitching twist. Scroll down to see a version of Fry without the caption so you can make your own meme from it.

To find out all about this meme, origins and sightings online check out its entry on the meme database:

If you want to make your own caption for this picture I have posted up the alphabet I designed for meme cross stitch check it out here: Meme themed alphabet

This is a fan art picture. Futurama is owned by The Curiosity Company and 30th Century Fox Television and I claim no ownership of this character.

If you want to try another Futurama meme Why not Zoidberg?

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  1. I wanna try my hand at this, but do you have a link to the pixelated alphabeth or is it just your own design for the occasion?

    Thanks for all the patterns by the way, this blog is awesome!

    1. Thanks so much for popping by my blog

      I did draw the whole meme alphabet but totally forgot to put it on the blog. So I posted it up and put a link in the post.

      I would love to see what caption you come up with for this
      Gemma :)


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