Saturday 21 September 2013

Swansea City Football Club Logo Cross Stitch Design

Swansea City Football Club Logo Cross Stitch Design

This is a Small cross stitch design for Swansea City. This was requested by a friend who wanted to find just the right birthday card for their Dad but didn't have long to sew it. Luckily this logo only has one colour and in this small size it only took her one evening to sew it and another to put the card together (heavily distracted by her cat mind you)
Because the current Home kit for the team is black and white she pasted the design onto a white card with a stripe of black ribbon (for the black stripe on the arms) and another stripe of yellow for the yellow writing on the front of the shirt.
I shall have to convince her to let me post a photograph of her nice card but for now I hope you all enjoy the design.
Have a great weekend everybody. Happy stitching.

The Logo belongs to Swansea City, I claim no rights to it just did a little design to share with other cross stitching football fans.
If you want to know more about Swansea City check out their official web page here:

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