Friday 20 June 2014

Celtic FC logo - Football themed Cross stitch design

Celtic FC logo - Football themed Cross stitch design

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This is a cross stitch design of the Celtic FC logo. This one is a little larger than the others I had done because it is a little more complicated to keep in full stitches with all of the detail in the original logo. I may have another go at making a smaller version but it may have to include quite a few half stitches and back stitches.

I chose to do this logo because it is the team supported by my childhood best friend. She introduced me to a bunch of football chants and songs which supporters would sing in the stadium. We would occasionally sit together and make up our own football songs. So this logo reminds of of happy summers watching football and cheering our own made up rhymes. Not forgetting the times we would try to recreate the best goals in the garden. :)

For the clubs official web page follow this link:
This logo belongs to the Celtic Football club. This design is fan art and I claim no rights to it.

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  1. My boyfriend would love this! Thanks x

    1. Thanks a bunch. I hope you enjoy stitching this one, :D

  2. Hi could u tell me the dmc shade number I should use thanks

    1. Hi there, I have added the colours to the chart. I hope you enjoy stitching this. :)


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