Monday 11 August 2014

Chi and Freya from Chobits cross stitch design

Chi and Freya from Chobits cross stitch design

This is a cross stitch design for Chobits. Please stop reading if you havn't watched it all yet *spoiler alert*

This picture is inspired by the scene where Chi meets her sister Freya. I think it was so touching how Freya kisses her on the cheek although it comes off as a little sinister when you see the events of the very last episode of the anime. I have not yet read all of the manga so perhaps that has a different ending.

Below is a symbol chart because this design is a little complicated so this may be needed. But first a colour chart for the design. The black and white symbol chart leaves off the blue area in the design. It is meant to be a background so you can either sew on blue aida or just leave the background whatever colour aida you have.
This design has only 10 colours. I simplified it as much as I could to allow it to be easier to sew. In addition it only has whole stitches so no worrying about any halves or french knots with this one.

Symbol in black and white chart DMC Number Anchor Number

310 403

744 301  

729 890

648 900

605 1094

3770 1009

400 351

3799 236

951 880

Be careful not to fill in the background, this meets the background on Chi's sleeve and should only be filled in in line with the bottom of the design. 

5200 1

The design is split into four pieces which should be put together like the following picture:
Also the point in which all of the pieces meet is the centre point of the design.

Piece 1 Top left

Piece 2 Top Right

Piece 3 Bottom left

Piece 4 Bottom Right

Chobits is created by Clamp and the anime produced by Madhouse studio. This is a fan art design to share with other fans.

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