Thursday 15 January 2015

Large Simple rose cross stitch design

Large Simple rose cross stitch design

Heres a peek of the design without the grid too:

Colour DMC Number Anchor Number
Black 310

Dark green 3012

Darkest pink
Mid pink
Lightest pink 957 50

This design was originally charted in Anchor threads and I used a conversion chart to find the DMC numbers so for a picture most accurate to the chart use Anchor Threads. 

Hello everyone. 
This chart of a pink rose was drawn for a good friend of mine, he betted me that I could not make a picture he took into a chart. The challenge was to use as few colours as possible, whole stitches only  and definitely no popcorn or scattered stitches.

So this design is all ready for Valentines day. I'm posting it very early because a large design needs time to stitch (as we all well know)

I think that this design could make a really lovely shopping bag or cushion using a bold fabric as backing.
I definitely want to attempt to make a very small version for cards. Hopefully I can sketch it before February this time :)

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