Thursday 2 April 2015

Cartoon Primrose Fairy cross stitch design

Cartoon Primrose Fairy cross stitch design

The primrose fairy

Colour Used in these areas: DMC Number Anchor Number
Dark brown Outline on fairy 400 351
Mid brown Hair on fairy, outlines on flowers 783 307
White Flowers, Eyes 5200 1
Pale yellow Fairy wings, highlights inside flowers 727 293
Dark yellow Fairy dress, inside flowers 444 291
Pale peach Skin tone 745 300
Green Leaves and stems 986 246
Blue Fairy iris 797 132
Black Inside eye 310 403

This design was drawn originally with Anchor colours in my program. Use anchor threads to get the closest match. I used a conversion chart to get the DMC numbers.
Please let me know if any colours are off and I will amend them in the chart.

Hello everyone
This is one of the very first designs I made But I thought I'd post it now to keep in with the lovely spring weather we are having. Who can resists stitching up some lovely yellow flowers like this.

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