Wednesday 12 August 2015

Top Cosplays I found at Yorkshire Cosplay Convention 2015

Top Cosplays I found at Yorkshire Cosplay Convention 2015

Hello everyone, last weekend I went to the Yorkshire cosplay Convention at the Magna Center in Sheffield. I had a lovely time and met a whole bunch of lovely friendly cosplayers, saw lots of lovely events and took a whole bunch of Photos.

For more details on the event itself heres the link to the official web page:

So without further ado here are a few of the best cosplays I saw on the day. However this should not be treated as a definitive list of best cosplays because Im fairly sure in an event with so many people I could not have possibly seen everyones cosplays, so if you were there and I missed you out I do hope I get to see you and your fabulous cosplay next time.

If you are here on this list and would like me to link to your cosplay page with your picture feel free to comment and I'll add the link. :)

No Face from Spirited Away
This Cosplayer even went around giving chocolate coins to people and didn't speak a word just like No Face does in the film.

Beymax from Big Hero 6
This is a truly Epic cosplay, looks very hot though. You won't believe but this one was actually full sized and taller than I am. (though Im a little 5ft 5') The Beymax head is a hat so the person inside can pop their head out when they need to see. That's a really useful design feature. One problem with big cosplays like this is sometimes people can't see too well.

Vault Dweller from Fallout
Just look at this Fallout Vault suit. I just love the attention to detail on this one. You can't see it in the picture but he has the vault number on the back of the suit too.

Vaas from Farcry
This cosplay is completed by the well practiced pose by this cosplayer, the water bottle is a nice touch and probably came in very handy in a hot convention hall.

Giovanni from the Pokémon series
 This cosplay even comes with a cute little Persian plushie. Now that's some attention to detail.
Wayne and Garth from Waynes World
Who can top the awesomeness of this pair from Waynes world? I can't believe they even managed to track down the right T shirt for Garth. Fantastic.

Teto Kasane 
She even has her favourite french bread. she is a vocaliod who gets annoyed when people don't share their bread with her because she loves it so much. Isn't the wig just perfect for this character? I do wonder how the curls stay in all day, my last curly wig went a bit straight after the last time I wore it.

Solaire of Astora from Dark souls


Last but not least my favourite costume I saw at the convention
Enderman from Minecraft

This enderman had glowing eyes which when I saw it scared the life out of me getting flashbacks from my very frist time in Minecraft I saw this creature through the hole in my dirt shelter it had just removed a block from. (before they stopped Endermen from taking certain blocks)

Enderman even had a giant dirt block which was ready to be signed by all of the special guests. :) Here it is being signed by Jackocalypse who was one of the special guests at the event. Jack runs a YouTube channel about cosplay and fashion which can be found here:

For my other cosplay post here is a link:

Making of a Kaylees shindig dress from Firefly for cosplay

There will be a few more cosplay posts to come but they take longer to write than the regular cross stitching posts but watch this space for more.

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  1. Oh my god that's me @Kasane Teto

    1. Hi there, It was lovely to meet everyone at the convention. Thank you for taking the time to pose for a photo. :D


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