Sunday 15 November 2015

A magical little house from Cutsie Cottages - Unboxing and review

A magical little house from Cutsie Cottages - Unboxing and review

Hello everyone
Today I am very excited to tell you all about my little house scene which has just arrived from Cutsie Cottages.
Here's a link to their Facebook page

Isn't this so adorable?

I definitely recommend checking out the Facebook page since there are so many pictures of such cute little houses and scenes.
One of my favorite things about these cottages is that they are very customisable. All you need to do is take a look at the pictures with examples of all the different elements which can be included and pick your favourites.
Don't forget to pick some colours for the houses on your decoration too! I chose cream and red to match the colours of the room I planned to place it in. It's seriously not often you can have such a cute item made to match the room perfectly.

On my decoration I choose these cute little mushrooms and the little green tree but there are so many more options that I had a hard job choosing from them. There are flowers, fences, snowmen and various types of tree among the choices. Though the washing line complete with miniature items of clothing hanging out to dry is a particularly adorable detail.

When my package arrived it came all wrapped in a sturdy postage box and the cottage itself was wrapped up in a generous layer of bubble wrap. So you can be sure that your cottage will get to you safely with all that padding.

Safely wrapped up in the box

I must admit, my first impression upon unwrapping the bubble wrap was that the cottage smelled very nice. Although the piece is beautifully painted and varnished it does not smell of paint (which can sometimes be an unpleasant smell) and instead had the faint aroma of freshly cut wood. This may be a funny thing to take note of but my housemate agreed.

I'm also very impressed at how study the cottage is. It's  not noticeable from the pictures but everything is solidly in place. Of course this is a decorative item so I won't be letting my nieces play with it but I feel quite secure if they do try to whip it off the mantelpiece its not going to fall apart right away or have small bits fall off!

The cottages are painted up so prettily and each one is unique. There are lovely details on each one for example on my one a little wooden path is included for each house which is such a sweet touch.
I think these will make a great mantelpiece decoration. if you order one with a snowman it could even make a Christmas decoration with a difference especially if you want a change from the usual glitter covered reindeers.

So take a visit to Cutsie Cottages and don't forget to pop a like on the page. This page is updated with cute, colourful pictures which certainly brightens up my news feed!

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend, much love and big hugs to you all.

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