Wednesday 6 January 2016

Spring cleaning my craft stash - Uncovering craft oddities

Spring cleaning my craft stash -  Uncovering craft oddities

Hello everyone,
I'm taking a little break in cross stitch design to Spring Clean my craft stash. After being knee deep in fabric I realized just how cluttered the average stash can be. Inspired by the Junk I found there heres a list of things to maybe keep an eye out for in your own stash! How many do you have? 

  • Dried glue
  • Scissors too stiff to move
  • That cross stitch kit you brought a few years ago and probably will never get round to.
  • The thimble that is way too small for any of your fingers
  • That old chair you were going to refurbish but never did
  • Craft book on Mongolian wax weaving (or other obscure craft) would you can't remember why you picked up
  • Paint which has long since dried up
  • A craft stamp in the shape of an angry gorilla. It only really looked good on one card anyway!
  • Those pins where all the balls fell off the end
  • Clothing in your repair pile which is gone out of fashion before you'd finished sewing on buttons or fixing up that seam. 
  • That really pretty little jar which is too small for actually storing anything in.
  • Those massive by piles of scraps would you swear you'll do something with one day, but it's been a few years now
  • Felt tip pens without Lids and Lids without the pens
  • Those hundreds of cute little boxes. Yes they look lovely but they are simply everywhere. 
  • Extra pincushions! I know they were fabulous gifts but after placing one on every work surface and tying one to every chair, you might have to admit you have enough. 
  • That craft set designed for a three-year-old your friend bought you for Christmas several years ago because you're into crafts. 
  • An ink pad which is dried to dust. 
  • More knitting needles then you'll probably have projects to use with them
  • A pair of scissors which have been 'Borrowed' by a friend or family member and is now too blunt for fabric.
  • That's stationary set which is so pretty you can't bear to use it.
  • A stamp with a very specific message. It was the perfect thing when you got it but you don't think anyone will have a graduation, a birthday and pass their driving test on the same day again! 
  • That craft set you bought the kids but they've never touched, much preferring the art program on their smart phone anyway. 
  • Those hundreds of emergency sewing kits people keep giving you and a few from Christmas crackers with cheap thread and blunt needles.
  • That birth sampler you are sewing, it would be great if you could finish it considering that the child is 18 years old now. 
  • That thing you were crocheting ... You can't remember what it's supposed to be but it's been in storage so long it's just one giant knot. 
Phew! I'm off to try and de-tangle my entire ribbon box! I swear I sorted all those but they seem to have all woven around each other in such an intricate pattern this may take a while. 

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