Friday 28 October 2016

Blue Meanie from The Yellow Submarine cross stitch design

Blue Meanie from The Yellow Submarine cross stitch design

Heres a preview of how the design will look like when it is finished

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Black 403
Dark blue 132
Light blue 130
Yellow 288
Red 46
White 2

Hello Everyone,
I am waiting in excitement for the release of the official Yellow submarine Lego set on the 1st of November. Heres a link to the page so you can see it in all its bright yellow glory:

Anyway since I ended up having to re-watch the Yellow Submarine to tide me over while I wait I just had to do another design based on this film and today its the Blue Meanie who wishes to take over Pepperland and make everything Blue.
I did attempt to draw the Flying Glove but after several attempts it didn't turn out quite right. So I may try it again and finish it off if I get asked for it but right now its been a very difficult to get right.

If you are a fan of the Yellow Submarine as much as I am maybe you would like to see my design of the submarine itself which can be found here:

The yellow submarine Film was made by
Apple Films, King Features Syndicate and TVC London

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