Saturday 4 March 2017

Cute pastel unicorn - kawaii cross stitch design

Cute pastel unicorn - kawaii cross stitch design

Anchor Thread numbers
Park purple
Light purple
Light Blue

Reference image for this design can be found in the public domain here:

Hello everyone,

Today I decided to draw a super cute unicorn because who doesn't need a dose of cute once in a while? 
 If you don't like to cross stitch a whole load of white onto white aida (I know a few people who tell me that this is a nightmare) there are a couple of changes you can make. This design would look nice on some pastel coloured aida so the white will be easier to sew on it. Alternately the main colour of the unicorn could be changed to a lovely pale pink or blue (or any other light colour really) so that you can have fun sewing this colour instead of a large area of white. 

I may have to sew this one for my own bedroom, its already got its fair share of unicorns so will fit right in. :)

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