Saturday 10 June 2017

Fidget spinner cross stitch design

Fidget spinner cross stitch design

Hello everyone,

There are no suggestions for thread colours on this one because it is designed to be sewn in any colour you feel like. If you are sewing it for a fidget spinner loving friend why not use a thread that matches their favourite spinner.

This design is the right side for a card but could be used for a pouch for a fidget spinner if you have some matching material for the back of the pouch to put it all together.

Not heard of a fidget spinner? They are devices which have surged in  popularity over 2017 (though they were invented much earlier) They are devices which spin on ball bearings to help people with anxiety to focus on something other than the thing which is making them anxious. It is also used for children with Autism or ADHD and provides something to focus on.

Reference image for this design was found in the public domain here:

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