Saturday 28 March 2020

Fun kids crafts tutorial: Making doll clothes from wrapping paper

Fun kids crafts tutorial: Making doll clothes from wrapping paper

Hello everyone, 
Today I have a wrapping paper dolls dress tutorial created by my talented friend Naomi. This quick kids craft is made from ordinary items you can find around your house. I bet theres a stash of wrapping paper in the attic which would be perfect for making colourful fashions for your dolls. 

Renember: Young children should ask an adult for help with cutting out the paper.

Step 1

Collect your materials: You will need a selection of wrapping paper, scissors and ordinary sticky tape

Step 2

First stick some pieces of wrapping paper tightly to the body to make a bodice. You can stick it right on the doll as the tape won't hurt the plastic and it's see-through

Step 3

Now make a cone shape and tape it at the back, fitting the narrow end round the thinnest part of the doll's waist.

Step 4

I had some crepe wrapping paper so I crinkled it up in strips and added it as a trim. You could also use fabric. You can also add stick-on gems, buttons or stickers or anything you've got lying around. You can look up clothes on the internet (Medieval ones are good) and you can keep layering and adding stuff. Remember, you can just rip it off if you don't like it. You can do this just as easily with any superhero figures - capes, masks and logos and crazy boots and armour.

Step 5

Cut a strip of paper with a zig-zag edge, make it into a circle and tape at the back. Now your queen can go outside and play among the flowers! Why not give everyone a makeover and have a tea party in the garden?

We hope you have fun making your dresses, with a little imagination a whole variety of lovely dresses can be made. If you don't have any spare wrapping paper why not try making the dresses out of plain paper and draw on your own designs. With a few coloured pencils or crayons you can have a go at being a cool fashion designer, 

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