Saturday 23 July 2016

How to make an Evil purple Minion Christmas bauble

How to make an Evil purple Minion Christmas bauble

Hello everyone
I'm back with another Minion themed tutorial, theres really not enough Minion items in my house right now! So I just had to come back with a little more Minion crafts

My previous tutorials can be found here:
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Remember: Kids will need adult supervision for this make since it requires cutting and sticking.

What you will need:
Purple Christmas baubles
Thin Black ribbon
Felt in Grey, white and black
Purple Tinsel
Craft glue - I used ordinary PVA clue for mine but a stronger glue will make your baubles sturdier for years to come.

Here are the baubles I used, this can work with shiny, glittery or other types of baubles, just choose which ones you like or have spare in your decorations box. I used a small piece of scrappy purple tinsel. It was an old piece and looked a little short for the Christmas tree so this was an awesome way to recycle it. 

Step 1:
The first thing you need to do is hop over the my original minion bauble tutorial here Basic Yellow Minion Bauble
Follow the steps for creating the Goggles out of ribbon and felt gluing the items onto your purple baubles (thats steps 1 - 3) and then hop back over to this page. 

Step 2:
Let your goggles dry a while so they don't come out of place while making the next parts
Cut a strip of your Tinsel to Surround the hanging loop of your bauble. 

As shown above apply a layer of glue to the very top of the bauble and wait for it to become tacky. Then apply the tinsel to the glue. I had to hold it tight to the bauble for several minutes to ensure it stayed firm. 

Step 3:
Once the tinsel has dried on its time to make the mouth. 

Simply cut shapes from your black felt to create the mouth and don't forget to use small pieces of white for the teeth. For the evil minions renember they often have their mouths open and their teeth sticking out. 
Here are my examples of the mouths.

This is a part where you can experiment to find your favourite facial expression out of the many the Evil minions pull. You know this will be a great excuse to watch Despicable Me 2 again!

I hope you have fun with this little tutorial, I know its nowhere near Christmas at the moment but these little guys can be displayed at any time of year as well as decorating the Christmas tree.

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