Friday 29 July 2016

White wolf howling at a crescent moon cross stitch design

White wolf howling at a crescent moon cross stitch design

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Cross stitch design

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Hello everyone,
This weeks design was a special challenge from the lovely Shannen Wright to create a design with a lovely Wolf theme to celebrate her new book Bad Reception. 

Bad Reception is a book full of supernatural elements, including vampires, immortals and werewolves  which is one of the reasons a wolf theme was chosen for this design. 

To say a big thank you for inspiring this design feel free to pop over to her Facebook page and give a lovely thumbs up. :) Its a lovely page to follow with insights into writing and being creative and a few lovely pictures sprinkled along the way. 

To check out this book on Amazon and read the synopsis here is a link:

I tell you what I am already quite intrigued by the synopsis and have ordered a copy to read on my summer holidays. So I'll have to tell you all about how it was when I get back

Reference picture for this cross stitch design found in the public domain here:

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