Wednesday 16 May 2012

D20 cross stitch design

D20 cross stitch design

A small D20 design. This size is suitable for some coasters and cards.
I only put one of the numbers on the dice to make the design simpler to sew.

This dice is generally used for Dungeons and Dragons and other roleplay games. For anyone who doesn't play rolling a 20 on the dice is known as a 'Critical hit' or a 'Critical success' and rolling it usually means you will do very well that turn.

For the roleplayers out there may I recommend this very interesting and in depth blog:

The Sword and Torch Inn is where news regarding interesting rules, settings, concepts and games is available for the roleplay and gaming community.

This blog has many fascinating thoughts on rules particularly ones suitable for Dungeons and dragons and Pathfinder systems. This blog takes a fairly modular format to rules setting as it allows you to pick and choose any suggested rulesets or house rules to add to your own campaign as you see fit. There are also posts discussing other aspects of roleplay and (a little self advertisement) a guest post by yours truly of a table of 100 random places or situations to wake up after a night of drinking in a fantasy setting. 

For another Dungeons and dragons themed design heres a link:
Just my luck - Unlucky Dungeons and Dragons player cross stitch design

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