Sunday 13 May 2012

Pink and purple baby girl sampler cross stitch design

Pink and purple baby girl sampler cross stitch design

A large baby sampler full of girly colours
I have left a large gap for the name so a long name can fit there too. I recommend hearts to fill in the gap if the name is shorter. Also in the bottom left there is a gap for the initials so use any font you like. You could also put a personal message here instead.

Feel free to replace any of the squares with something more personal. So perhaps if the family has a pet they could be included in the sampler. How about instruments if the parents play music?

Try asking the new babies older siblings for suggestions of what they would add for the baby. This will make the sampler extra special especially when they get to tell the baby which things they suggested.

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  1. This is lovely!!!!
    Thank you so much....

    1. Thanks you for saying so. :D It lets me know that the designs are appreciates so I can do many more.


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