Tuesday 31 December 2013

My 5 stitching New Years Resolutions

My 5 stitching New Years Resolutions

1. Put away my pins.

Sounds like common sense right? But the amount of times I have left a pin someplace and found it days later with my foot is just a few times too often. My housemate brought me pin cushion as a Christmas gift and I wonder if this was a little hint.

2. Finish an unfinished project.

If you ask a room full of stitchers who has an unfinished project they are not currently working on most people will say yes. There have been tales of kids getting their birth samplers for their 18th birthday, stitchers with boxes full of half finished kits or the wedding present stitch finished for a couples ruby wedding anniversary. So take a look through your projects now the Christmas present rush is over and we still have many long cold nights ahead and see if theres anything which can be finished.
I have a few birthday cards I did not finish in time for the recipients birthday but if I get them finished I will be able to send them this year. (and they won't suspect it was supposed to be last years card)

3. Have a crafty clear out.

This is actually very hard for some crafters, you just never know if you will need a particular piece of ribbon, a lovely set of beads or just the right thread for an occasion. So perhaps start by looking for items you think you may never use. I will be starting with my fairly large magazine collection. If its likely not to be used its going to be swapped with my stitching friends or donated to some beginning stitchers I know (like my adorable niece who will just love some new kits to try out)
Of course once the space has been cleared it leaves a little more room in your stash for items you will definitely use (or ones you just pick up throughout the year)

4. Make my cards for the year early

Every year I always end up rushing my birthday cards, Christmas cards and other greetings, often stitching until midnight the day before it needs to be sent. However this year I have decided it should be different. Since Christmas kits are often on sale in January I am going to snap up a few now and stitch them while the nights are still cold so they are all ready to send later in the year. It is also handy to have some spare cards for other occasions too so there is no need to rush. Making them in advance does not mean you cannot still make lovely individual cards for the very special people in your life it just means you have more time to do them.

5. Teach someone else to stitch

Many stitchers remember fondly the person who taught them to stitch. The person with enough kindness and patience to help thread needles, show how to interpret patterns and share a little of their stash. So why not pass it on? Is there someone near you who watches eagerly as you sew? Or someone looking for a new hobby? Even if there is nobody near you who wants to learn you can always share your knowledge on online forums or even show your stitching friends a new technique you have learned. Stitching is an art, a skill and a valuable hobby so why not pass it on?

I would love to hear from other stitchers out there. What are your new years resolutions? Are you going to have a clear out or delve into a unfinished project or two?

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