Thursday 12 December 2013

Where are the thread numbers?

Hi all. Just a little post.

I had a few of my friends mention that it would be very useful to put some thread numbers on my designs. This is a great idea so I will be working back through my posts to add thread numbers when I can.

The reason I didn't put thread numbers on before is that tyhe program I use to draw is very very old and the thread numbers are out of date. Some of my friends got very confused when I accidentally gave them very incorrect thread numbers. But I have been given a very nice thread colour chart which should help estimate some numbers.

Anyway happy stitching to you all. I'll update items on the blog as and when I can. (I have over 150 posts it may take a little while)

Edit: Turns out the Anchor thread numbers are actually in date so this should make it lots easier to add more thread numbers.

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