Wednesday 23 September 2015

Border collie puppy cross stitch design

Border collie puppy cross stitch design

ColourDMC NumberAnchor Number

Dark grey3799



This design was originally charted in Anchor threads and I used a conversion chart to find the DMC numbers so for a picture most accurate to the chart use Anchor Threads.

Hello everyone.
This is an adorable picture of one of my Dads new border collie puppies. I could not resist doing a little sketch of this cute little chap. This was done in one of the rare times that the puppies were sitting still.
Last week the puppies got up to all kinds of mischief, it seems that as soon as you take your eyes off them for one moment they seem to find something to chew or chase. Luckily the cat in the house has learnt to stay in high places but does sometimes taunt the puppies by staying just out of their reach. She is going to get a bit of a surprise once they have grown a little and can reach her favourite perch.

So the puppies got hold of a fluffy beanbag and they started to play with it. One puppy on one side and one on the other they started having a little tussle. (though we didn't see this else we would have stopped them) Suddenly all we hear as a big tear as the beanbag just comes apart and spills beans everywhere, all over the kitchen while the puppies look on a little confused.
We find one of them covered head to toe in beans I think he must have gotten a little static on his fur while the other one just sits in the middle of the mess trying to look as innocent as possible.
So we cleaned up the beans and tried to clean up the puppies but they ran off taking beans with them all over the house.
We are still finding little white beans all over the place!

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