Wednesday 30 September 2015

How to make a dripping bauble Halloween decoration

How to make a dripping bauble Halloween decoration

Hello everyone,
Here's another tutorial on how to use your old and worn out Christmas baubles to make spooky Halloween decorations. This tutorial is even suitable for kids to help make, with some adult supervision of course.

What you will need:
Old baubles
Acrylic paint (I recommend red for blood, green for slime and black for swamp goo but this can be any colour you wish)
PVA glue (optional)
Paint sealant spray (optional)

A place to hang the baubles to be worked upon and to dry
Some paper/card to cover the table/floor to stop paint getting on it. This is very important you may need a few layers of paper or try some card from a cereal packet since the dripping paint will be thick and may soak through.

Step 1
Decide on your paint colours and put a small amount in a container for easy use. If you find the paint is too thick a small amount of PVA glue can help make it runnier. However if you use more glue than paint the colour will end up patchy so unless you want that as a finished effect only use a small amount of glue.

Heres my red blood and green slime ready to go!

Step 2:
Hang your baubles somewhere where they can be worked upon and left to dry. Don't forget to place some paper or card under the area. 

In this picture I have rested a clothes hanger against my table and placed the card on the table. 

Step 3:
Now heres the fun bit. Use your piece of card or a plastic spoon works really well to scoop up a small amount of paint and drip it over the top of your baubles. Allow the paint to run down the bauble to create the dripping effect and keep adding paint in drips until you get the effect you like. 

Once you are happy with the amount of coverage your baubles have leave them to dry. I left mine overnight. 

Step 4: (optional)
Spray with paint sealant according to the packet instructions. This will help your baubles past for many Halloweens to come. 

Then they will be all ready to add to your Halloween decorations, these look great hanging from the mantelpiece or shelves. These can even be used in a Halloween wreath or hung from an old branch.
If you have decided to add these to your decorations please feel free to send a link to them. I'd love to see everyone's creativity when coming up with spooky decorations.

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