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How to make a Pokemon Gastly Halloween decoration

How to make a Pokemon Gastly Halloween decoration

Hello everyone,
Heres another idea on how to use up your old and worn Christmas baubles

I'm trying something a little different with this tutorial by providing a drawn painting diagram instead of just photographs to help make everything really clear, Please feel free to let me know in the comments what instructions you prefer.

What you will need:
Old Purple or black baubles (depends on what Pokemon generation you want your Gastly to be from, they started out black but have become purple over the course of the games)
Arcylic paint
Paintbrushes - you will need at least one thin one for the details.
Netting In purple or blue if your Gastly is the shiny version.
Strong craft glue
Paint sealant spray (optional)

Before you start:
Get your bauble and make sure theres no excess dust or dirt on it, a quick wipe will do for most baubles which have been in storage and are just a bit dusty. Don't forget to pop some paper under your painting area to avoid accidental mess.

Step 1:
Place your bauble in a suitably sized cup so that you can paint on it without it rolling away. If your cups are too big I found that placing tissue in the bottom of a cup can help keep the bauble steady.

Now as shown on the diagram below use white paint to paint on the eyes and a dusky pink paint to draw a nice wide grin. Let the paint dry.

Step 2:
Use a light pink to draw on the Gastly's tongue in the bottom section of the mouth. Using white paint and a small brush paint on two pointed triangles for the teeth. Let the paint dry before the next step.

Step 3:
Using your very thin brush outline the eyes, mouth and teeth. Then pop some ovals inside the eyes to make the pupils.

Step 4: (optional)
Spray your bauble with paint sealant following the packet instructions. This will help your paint stay on longer. But as always this is an optional step.

Step 5: 
Once everything is dry its now time to add the netting to  represent Gastly's smoke trail.
To do this I took the netting and cut a rectangle shape out of it. The size of your rectangle depends on how much you want the netting to flare out behind the bauble. Make it smaller if you will be displaying the bauble where there isn't too much room.
Then take one side of the netting fold it in a concertina effect before laying that against the bauble and glue it down when you are happy with the effect.
Since netting is springy you may need to hold the glued areas down a little while before putting the bauble down properly to dry.

Once the netting is dry you can hang your Gastly up with the rest of your Halloween decorations.

I hope everyone has as much fun with these as I did. I'm a big Pokemon fan and so wanted an excuse to hang a ghost Pokemon in with my other ghostly decorations.

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