Monday 11 April 2016

Cute Kickstarter project 365 Reasons by Nikita Carson

Cute Kickstarter project 365 Reasons by Nikita Carson

Hello everyone
I just had to tell you all about this really cute Kickstarter Project which is currently live check it out at the above link.

It is called 365 Reasons by Nikita Carson and in a nutshell is a beautiful gift idea consisting of a jar decorated with currently one of three phrases:

365 reasons I love you
365 reasons I love Mum
365 reasons I love Dad

Also the option of having some pre-written reasons to add into the jar or a kit to write your own reasons on a selection of coloured papers.

I think this is a really lovely idea because this is something which could bring a smile to your loved ones face all year round. Personally I'm going for the kit that contains a taster of 100 reasons for £10 so I still have lots of space to write my own lovely reasons. I am quite excited about this. I made a jar of lovely things for my partner for Christmas this year and its been nice that hes had something to remind him that I care every day but this cute little jar just looks so much more professional than the jam jar I scraped up for it this year. Not only that but I bet it could be reused year after year if you take the time to write new messages.

The target for this Kickstarter project is £300 which seems wholly reasonable (especially when you see some projects with very lofty goals) So I do hope it makes it to the final goal particularly as the upcoming ideas look really fun. Is it just me or would a jar of 365 reasons to eat chocolate be perfect for most of my lady friends?

Not a long post today just wanted to shout out about this cute Kickstarter project
Heres the link again:

Much love and happy crafting everyone :)

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