Friday 29 April 2016

Celtic Knot Bookmark cross stitch design

Celtic Knot Bookmark cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers DMC thread numbers
Dark Brown 382 3371

Green 225 702

This design was originally designed in Anchor colours, for a closest match to the Picture use Anchor threads.  A conversion chart was used for DMC Thread numbers. 

Hello everyone
This week we have a nice Celtic knot book mark cross stitch. This would be perfect in a book of myths and legends wouldn't it? 
I was inspire by my friends holiday snaps, she visited all kinds of monuments and museums and brought back some wonderful pictures showing celtic carvings and writing from all over her travels in Ireland. This design is loosely based on one of her pictures, I say loosely because it took about 10 attempts to get this one right I swear the ends of the design just didn't line up neatly so many times. A few tweaks here and there and it decides not to line up in a different place, after multiple attempts and many calming cups of tea I finally get it all to match and line up. :) 
If this design proves to be popular I may give a celtic knot another go but for now its time to move on to a celtic alphabet I have been admiring from the pictures. 

Bye for now
Much love and happy stitching. 

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