Monday 19 December 2016

Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 1 - Easy designs

Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 1 - Easy designs

Hello Everyone,

This week I got my Christmas present early and it was a big bag of Simbrix, a bead toy where each bead slides together without a need for a peg board or like other bead sets it does not need to be ironed. None of the items I have in the above picture were ironed, they stayed together long enough to put on display and better still can be taken apart again to make brand new designs whenever you like. 

In addition would you believe that all of these designs came from one Crafter kit, I did not need to dip into the collection of Simbrix I already owned. 
If you'd like to visit the Official Simbrix page to find out more heres a link:

There is also another blog post to help you create some more difficult items in the above picture such as the train, 3D Christmas tree and glass markers. Find the post at the following link

Without further ado lets get on to a few easy Simbrix designs:

A simple Christmas present with a bow. 

This is a little christmas present, feel free to change up the colours to any ones you like. With 17 colours in each Simbrix set you'll have loads of combinations to add to your decorations. 

 Music Notes

A pair of Christmas Angels

This is a pair of cute angels, feel free to change up the colour of the dresses, hair and skin to make a selection of angels to match the decorations you have. 

Cute little mouse

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse! 

Why not pop this little mouse up on your mantlepiece to keep an eye on the goings on in the house and to wait for Santa to deliver the presents. 

Doctor Who's Sonic screwdriver

This is the Sonic Screwdriver for the 11th Doctor, just the thing to make while waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas special to begin. Watching the Christmas special is quickly becoming a tradition within my family as we follow the adventures of our favorite TV show. 

Snowman snow globe

Heres a super cute little snowman in its scarf sitting inside a snowglobe, it was inspired by one of my Christmas ornaments on my bookshelf. If you like the Snowman can be made separately as a small simple design without the snowglobe.

Pokeball and Great Ball from the Pokemon Series

So how many people are waiting for Christmas to get their copy of the latest Pokemon game - Pokemon Sun/ Moon? I personally can't wait to open this present. I may be a little bit behind my friends but I know I'll be picking Popplio and with that super cute little seal by my side I'm sure I'll catch up in no time!

Simple flower 

With this little flower you can change up the colours in any way you fancy. If a few of these flower patterns are joined together in a rectangle this pattern could be used as a coaster or a place to rest the Christmas sweet bowl. Making a few of these to join up could be a fun project for kids to do together. 

Christmas candle

This is a little candle based on the classic Victorian candle holder design, the holder will also look good in yellow as if it was a brass or cold covered design. 

If you can't get enough Simbrix designs part two of this post for more advanced designs can be found here:

For more information about Simbrix here are some links:
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