Friday 23 December 2016

Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 2 - Glass markers and table decorations - advanced designs

Fun things to make with Simbrix this Christmas - Part 2 - Glass markers and table decorations - advanced designs

Hello everyone,

Heres part two of the Fun things to make with Simbrix posts, this time I'll be concentrating on a few designs which require a little construction to make them work out.

If you'd like to try your hand at a few easier designs first here's a link to my first post containing a few fun things to make:
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First up are some markers to wrap around your wine glasses to help you renember who has which drink.

Flat glass markers

Here are a few examples of shapes which can be used for the flat glass markers, renember each one needs to be different to help tell apart the glasses. They can be different colours for each glass or mix up the shapes for each person.
To attach them to the glass split your finished design in half and reconnect the Simbrix around the stem of the glass. My glasses are standard thin stem glasses, if your wine glasses have thicker stems you may need to make the hole in the middle a little bigger to fit your marker around the glass.

Christmas tree Glass marker

This one is a little complicated to build and the exact number of pieces that you will need will depend on how tall the stem on your glass is. For each piece split it in the middle and re-form it around the stem. It is easier to attach the bottom pieces first and work up. 

For my glass I used:
3 x shape 1 (shape one is the trunk of the tree)
2 x shape 2
3 x shape 3
2 x shape 4
1 x Shape 5
1 x Shape 6

For the green shapes feel free to mix up the greens between the light and dark green to give your tree a more natural feel. Id you'd like to make more than one as a glass marker why not replace a few of the edge Simbrix with other colours so that it looks like your Christmas tree has a few colourful Christmas baubles. 

For special occasions my Mum let me drink my lemonade out of a wine glass. I felt so very grown up with my fizzy pop in a wine glass. However it was revealed to me later that the wine glass was rather small compared to our large tumbler glasses and it served a second purpose of making sure I only had a small glass of lemonade. :) It worked though and in fact I still do it today.

Standing train decoration

For this design make one copy of the train and three copies of the stand (the shape at the top) Once all of the pieces are made simply slot the stand piece into the gap in each wheel and your train will stand up.
This method can be used for all sorts of standing sculptures just make sure to leave a gap of two Simbrix spaced evenly on your sculpture to fit the stands in.
3D Christmas tree

This cute little Christmas tree sculpture is made from two pieces of Simbrix sculpture slotted together.
Simply build the two pieces as shown above (feel free to mix up the greens on the tree or add bricks of other colours to look like decorations)
Then slot the two pieces of Simbrix together to create the 3D tree.
Why not use these to give your favourite toys a Christmas tree. My tree ended up just the right size for the kids room in my dolls house but it could also be used as a mini tree for Barbie sized dolls so they can join in the Christmas fun.
Table markers

This is a little idea for a table marker, it is made to place at the dinner table to remind family, friends and guests where their seat is for their meal.
They can be made plain just like the picture above or made with a letter in the middle to represent the first letter of the name of the person who will be sitting in that place.
To put your table marker together build the marker and two stands (the shape on the left), then slot the stands into the gaps in the place marker section. With two stands your place marker should stand firmly without wobbling.
These colours are only suggestions of course. Why not make each one in the favourite colours of the person who the stand is being made for? Alternatively the stands could be made to match the table decorations or just at random with whatever colours you find fun to use.
Anyway I hope everyone has a awesome Christmas, if you get a bag of Simbrix under your Christmas tree have a great time making some fun sculptures!
Much love and happy crafting.
Gemma x

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