Friday 26 May 2017

Birthday cake - card sized cross stitch design

Birthday cake - card sized cross stitch design

Colour Anchor Thread numbers
Grey 234
Brown 363
Blue 129
Yellow 290
Orange 304

Hello everyone,
I have been wracking my brains this week for the perfect design to stitch for Birthday cards. I wanted something which wasn't too hard to sew but still looked very impressive since I'll have to stitch a few at once for my families Birthdays which fall close together.

However when I got down to designing I just went crazy with half stitches. I mean don't those candles and that fancy cake stand look great? However if you find half stitches a little daunting you can avoid several of them by stitching the candle in one colour and squaring off most of the half stitches in the base (or leaving off the base to stitch just the cake)

The blue icing is a reference to my friends favourite colour so I wanted to include it somewhere on the design I sew for her.However the icing can be swapped out for any colour you think will look nice, White, pink or yellow are quite traditional icing colours but with the range of food colourings available practically any shade of thread would work.

I may have to re-use the cross stitch design for this cake base, perhaps make it a little fancier and add a wedding style cake instead of a birthday cake. Lets see what I can come up with for this :)

Much love and happy stitching
Gemma xx

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